I Have Zone 4 Milkweed Seeds — Send SASE For Some

I have Zone 4 Milkweed Seeds — Send SASE For Some

A couple of hours ago, I took a couple of seed pods off what I was hoping were Milkweed seeds from a plant I was unfamiliar with.

The gardener who planted the large, gangly plant was not home, so I could not get their permission.

I returned home, slowly opened the first pod and I recognized the seeds immediately!

Zone 4 Milkweed Seed Pods

I put the pods next to a small apple for sake of comparison.

This is a photo of the actual seeds with a kitchen knife next to them to show their size and color.

These seeds are ready for planting!

If you want some, please send a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to:

Kathleen Bills

719 E D Street

North Platte, NE 69101

I know I am taking a chance by putting my name and address on a post that will go world wide on the web, but I feel we gardeners are trustworthy.

Thanks for dropping by.      Kathleen