WiFi is down at the home place!

The WiFi is down at the home place, so I am creating this post at our local library.  Whenever it starts to rain very, very hard, you can bet that I have to come up to the library to get a good connection.

The question is, should I or should I not pay extra for my own WiFi?  I am already paying $82 a month for my smartphone and the thought of adding  more to that makes me sick.

What would you do?  You may send me an email at ksbills21@gmail.com and tell me what you think.  I would love to hear from you.

lets move on to something a little more positive.

Because of the weather, I have been stuck inside–decluttering.  That’s right.  I put a ratty quilt I bought at a yard sale, that I should have never bought, into the trunk of the car.  Next, I added a couple of faded and worn, blue striped seat covers I had on the kitchen chairs.  Yes, I have been reading one book after another on getting rid of clutter around the house.  You know, it creeps up on you.  One drawer gets cleaned out, the pantry gets reorganized and it goes on from there.  It is like having an itch that you just keep scratching.  In this case my little place is looking much better.

Did I mention the overflow of decluttering that works its way out to the yard?  Now, I find myself picking up stray twigs and leaves every time I head for the front door.  To stay sane, I keep a large, black, plastic, trash can where I stash all my unused flower pots.  That way, as I mosey around the garden, there is a place to drop all of the yard litter.  Once I have the trash can full to the brim, I drag it to the edge of the lawn, so the maintenance men can pick it up and haul it away.  I go through this entire process about once a week.  That way my yard looks neater and passersby have the pleasure of walking past a well maintained yard.

Now that summer is in full swing, I have been buying plants on the cheap wherever I can find them.  This morning, I stopped by Big Pines Hardware and came away with a couple of pots of coreopsis for 69 cents each.  I also got a prostrate lavender plant that I am unfamiliar with.  Right after I got back home, I gathered a garden knife and trowel to divide the yellow coreopsis.  Though the plants were small, I got about seven plants overall from the two pots.  I tucked a few in the empty spaces in a couple of cinder blocks, tucked a couple more in between the purple, Mexican Heather plants and finally planted two next to the miniature, pink rose near the walkway that goes under the rose arbor.  I have a red, fragrant, Don Juan rose climbing the arbor.

Remember to always take a close look at the plants you buy. Check to see just how many plants are in the pot.  Having a beautiful garden doesn’t come cheap.  That’s why other gardeners are always so happy to receive a “baby” plant from you!


Wild orchid.

Wild orchid. Bloom only lasts a day.

I was very lucky to get this shot of the wild orchid Don Zimmerman gave me. Some people know this plant as a walking iris.

When you care for your home by looking after it, you are loving and respecting yourself.  Karen Kingston

Thanks for stopping by.  Kathleen