Want A Good Nights Sleep? Clean Our Your Bedroom.

Want a good nights sleep?  Clean out your bedroom.

You toss and turn, punch your pillow and finally get up and wander around the house.  You just lost another night’s sleep.


  • TV and cell phone.
  • Stacks of books or magazines.
  • Clothes you never wear.
  • Clutter from ALL surfaces.
  • Desk or office furniture.
  • Anything stashed under the bed.

Clear Con Tac Paper on Windows For Privacy

Apply clear (opaque) Con Tac Paper on windows.  It is easy to apply and can be cut to any size.

I bought the Con Tac Paper from Target https://www.target.com/online 

In this photo notice how you can see images in the upper window, but not in the lower panes.

I cut Con Tac Paper to fit each of the lower panes.  This created a grey view rather than a clear view.

I bought two white lace panels at the thrift store for $3 and hung one over each bedroom window.

People cannot see into the window from the outside.

Note the leaves on tree reflected on the upper and only grey on the lower panes.

Special link for those wanting to give support to Las Vegas


paula@affordanything.com lives in Las Vegas.  She wrote a beautiful blog post that I received this morning.

Unfortunately, I do not have the technical skills to create a link to her post.

I am sure she will be glad to add you to her blog subscription list.  She writes about finance.  It is always good to learn how to make money in a clear, concise text.

Our hearts and prayers are with those who lost friends and family from the senseless Las Vegas shooting.


I have been reading To Be Where You Are  http://amzn.to/2xZOPQl , by Jan Karon.  This was just published and is a great book.  I have read all of the Mitford series and was happy to come across her latest addition.

Many of the things you can count, don’t count.  Many of the things you can’t count, really count.

— Albert Einstein —

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