Verbena’s vibrant colors will make your garden glow!

I know that I am not the best with an iPad, let alone taking plant photos and then to also insert them into the text of a post.

Both of these plants were recently purchased at Lowe’s garden center in their discounted plants section.  The coral plant on the left, cost a dollar.  The plant on the right is actually in a planter, containing tall grass in the center, with the blue and white verbena and an everbearing, petite white petunia interspersed with the verbena.  The planter only cost three dollars.  The other beautiful verbena that I bought for a dollar that day is a deep magenta color.  It truly is stunning to see.  It is planted in an old, black spare tire along with a bicolor, yellow and pink dahlia and purple queen.  The verbena is now overflowing the tire, as is the purple queen.

 I never planted verbenas until this spring.   All of mine are the spreading type.  There are also upright varieties available.  They really add a special glow to the flower beds.

It is very easy for things to get out of control with your garden, whether it be flowers or vegetables.  If possible, enlist help from friends and family of all ages.  Weeding can be a backbreaking chore.  Contact your local troop of Boy Scouts  Those kids are always eager to earn a nature badge and your flower bed may be just the ticket to their success.  Mind you though–make sure the scout knows a weed from a flower, or you may wish you never asked for their help.

I can well remember the beautiful, red geraniums my grandmother replanted annually in her green, flower boxes on her front porch.  Her porch was close to the sidewalk, so, I am sure that many people walking by also enjoyed and looked forward to her colorful display every year.  Have you ever considered that your garden is a gift you share with others?  How many times have you gone and checked out your favorite secret garden?  Returning, not once, but again and again!  It is always even more fun to take a friend along to sneak a peek at nature’s beauty and the handiwork of someone with a green thumb.

Thanks for dropping by.    Kathleen