This store is open for business!

I never though I would have a storefront , when I created My Home Place.

That changed when I applied to become an Amazon Associate.


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I will be sharing products with you that I have and use.

One of my favorite household tools is my orange, light weight, VonHaus, stick vacuum. It came with several hoses and nozzles, but I have never used any of the attachments.  I bought it was because a reviewer commented that “it worked great sucking up the sand on her floors”.  She must live in Florida like me!  I bought mine in March, 2015 and it is still going strong.  Another great feature is that it is EASY to remove dirt in the HEPA filter.

The VonHaus has 600 Watts, is a 2 in 1 Corded Lightweight Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filtration.

I have to admit–having a storefront is NOT easy. This is as hard as vacuuming the whole house.  I know my little, 1966 travel trailer is not large (8’x29′), but I still like a clean house.  Did I mention that I constantly go through the process of decluttering?

My next product is a Sun Joe 14-inch, 12 Amp Electric Lawnmower with Grass Bag by Snow Joe.

I killed the first one right off the bat.  Fortunately, they are an excellent company and paid for return shipping.  I received new one a few days later.

The most important thing I learned about owning one of these small, light weight mowers is to FIRST raise the blade to 3″.  That way you don’t pick up so much sand.  Sand can kill any mower, no matter where you liv. The second thing to remember is to USE the detachable grass bag.  It is easy to attach and remove, so there is no reason not to use this handy tool.  The grass clippings caught in the bag can be scattered on your flower beds, providing a natural mulch.

One of the advantages of these mowers is that they are perfect for small yards.  Seniors also love them because they are easy to handle and you do not have to fight it while mowing.  To make it easier to mow farther out in the yard, I bought two, 50′ outdoor grade, electrical cords and connected them.

Alba Botanical Very Emollient, Midnight Tuberose Bath & Shower Gel is the last product I will discuss.

It comes in several sizes.  I chose the 32 Ounce bottle that fits nicely in a corner of the bath tub.

Little did I know how much I would enjoy using this gently Tuberose fragrant shower gel by Alba.  This is the first time I have used any of their products.  I highly recommend it to friends and family and will likely buy it again.

TIP:  Give yourself, friends and love ones GIFT CARDS!  My niece, Clare, gave me an electronic gift card for $25.  I used it to buy my Alba shower gel.

Thanks for dropping by.   Kathleen