The Space Between Words by Michele Phoenix

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The Space Between Words by Michele Phoenix: Click on the link for this book and you will never regret it!  Why?  Because this brand new book takes away some of the hurt so many experienced that night at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris.

“CSF stands for Courage, Sagesse and Foi.”  “Endure with courage, resist with wisdom–”  “Persist in faith”.

Don’t forget to smell the roses:

Lovely fall roses on display:

Though winter is just around the corner, I have noticed beautiful roses still in full bloom.  In one rose bed, I noticed that a gardener had already banked the roses with mulch, leaving the upper most branches uncovered.

It’s time to hang up those bird feeders!

Check out for this great feeder!

What I like about this feeder is that it’s affordable, holds plenty of seed, plus it is hanging on a shepherd’s hook.

I don’t have a tree near a window.  I like the idea of getting a shepherd’s hook for my bird feeder.  How about you?

I know you can hear me, but are you listening?

— Allen Shuler —

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