Practice makes perfect when learning new skills.

We all know that to improve any skill takes practice.  Not once, but many times.  That is what today’s post ai all about.

The first thing I want to practice is inserting a link–the easy way.  Wouldn’t you know–I have lost that little, yellow, post it note!

I am member of The Nature Conservancy  This link is not blue, like it should be.  Why?  Let me try inserting the link the old way

The old way seemed to work just fine, except that I cannot type a period at the end of the sentence without the period becoming part of the link.  Look closely and you will see there is no end to the sentence.

I will try inserting the link here and can see it came across, but it is in black versus blue.  So, it is not a good link.

The above link works fine, just as long as you don’t type anything to the right of it.  That is crazy.

I guess the link button at the top of my post is good for something.

Okay.  Now, I will insert a photo.

Life is good

Life is good when you are at the beach!

At least that was a success.

let me try another link and see what happens.  It’s there, but it’s not blue.

Now, it’s blue and you can link to that website.

  • Sign up and have fun earning SwagBucks–no kidding.
  • Turn your SwagBucks into either cash or gift cards.
  • I love their Daily Poll–vote and see the poll results right then.
  • I started this blog from one of their Inbox offerings; earned points too!
  • Ocassionally, I watch their videos.
  • Surveys are another way to earn points.
  • Their shopping cash back points keep your points going up, up, up!

You may be truly glad you joined.  You earn points, which you can turn into cash with every 5000 SwagBucks you earn, by doing things you enjoy and would have done anyway.

You can shop from their site, which REALLY does pay off.  As an example, I have a Target Red Card.  I like to go to their Target link, where I earn cash back (TRUE) for each purchase.  The nice thing about using my Red Card is that I automatically also get FREE shipping.  How do you like that?  I love it!

You can also use their search engine and earn points–right then.  Sometimes a small pop up window appears telling you how many points you earned by doing your search.  When that happens, be sure to type the letters in the display box, exactly as shown, and hit enter and you are done.  Don’t expect this to happen with every search.  It is a nice surprise when it does.  See, those points do go up.

This is a 4th of July boat if there ever was.

God Bless America!     Happy 4th of July, 2017!

Thanks for dropping by.   Kathleen