On Your Mark. Ready, Set, WRITE — a Joy Journal

Record your moments of JOY!

Joy Journals have been around awhile.  That doesn’t mean you cannot write one.  The nice thing about these journals is they are easy and fun.

They are designed to prompt you to find life’s joys all around you.  Remember, keep your notes short and sweet.


  • Small notebook
  • Pen or pencil


  • Enjoying cloud, sun or moon scapes
  • At home, work or out and about
  • Alone or with family or friends

What to write:

  • Goofy smile or action that brings you joy
  • Beautiful site that makes you feel good
  • Kindness shown to you or someone near by

Purpose of journal:

  • To capture small things in life — that are gone in a flash
  • To channel negative thoughts into positive thoughts
  • To experience JOY real time

You don’t need to look at the world through rose colored glasses.  You do want to start making a conscious choice to look for goodness all around you.


Someone around you has just verbally offended you.

Don’t:  Come back with a snide remark or swear.

Do:  Shut your mouth or … reply, “You are probably right.”

Why?  Because people love to be right.  That will shut them up!


When you let a negative thought in—let it go right out of your head.  That includes your desire to complain.  Good luck!

No New Year’s Resolution Required:

  • Look at the glass half full — anywhere, anytime.
  • Keep your changes to yourself — just do it.
  • No one’s permission needed.
  • Make small or large changes for more positive thinking.

The antique dinner plate above was placed right over the kitchen sink, so I could often see something that makes me feel good each time I look at it.

The joy, I feel when looking at it, makes doing the dishes go better.

In my tiny kitchen, a small dining table flanked by two chairs, nestled beneath short windows are made cozy with the addition of gently fluttering cafe curtains, made of antique, Irish linen dinner napkins.

The walls have been painted, Heavenly Blue, (satin finish) by Benjamin Moore.

My kitchen is a favorite spot to share a hot pot of tea with a friend.

Deferred gratification puts money in your piggy bank:

Every time you choose to delay a purchase —  you save money!  Start choosing whether you really want that cuppa at your local Star Bucks or whether you would like to save your cash.

Delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller, but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.

— Unknown —

Book Nook:

Please note that I have not read either of the books listed.

Delayed Gratification http://amzn.to/2EHbTEq
by Rick Katz.  Paperback edition.

Delay Gratification, by Jessie McAna  http://amzn.to/2CcNgxV

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Thanks for dropping by.     Kathleen