Look at what Royce made for me!

Royce is a neighbor from a few streets over in our RV park.  He is an avid gardener and loves to build birdhouses.  Well, let me tell you he did a much appreciated gift of kindness for me the other day.

Look what Royce did for me!

I know the photo is a little fuzzy and I am sorry about that.  Royce installed the beam between the two trees and hung up the georgious spider plant that he grew himself.  To top it off, at my suggestion, he also hung up the birdhouse next to the plant.  Royce has made many birdhouses and has several around his yard.  Fortunately for folks like me, he likes to share his birdhouses and plants with others.

More people than not have a favorite hobby.  You know, your grandmother that loves to crochet.  Your husband, brother or son that loves to build things.  Most of us take their talents for granted.  Wrong!  When you support their creativity, it makes them feel good.  And we all want to feel good about ourselves don’t we.

One of my favorite hobbies is gardening.  That’s why I appreciated Royce’s gift so much.  I could never have done what he did.  Could you?

Because the Monarch butterfly populations are declining, we need to step up to the plate to help them increase their numbers while they are in the United States.  I regularly plant and harvest the seeds from milkweed plants to share with others.  Did I do this five years ago?  No.  Now, I subscribe online to http://monarchjointventure.org and http://monarchwatch.org.  These are free subscriptions that I feel you may enjoy reading.  Believe me–once you start learning more about Monarchs, you will view your world differently.

Please send me your name and address and I will be glad to drop a packet of yellow/orange milkweed seeds to you.  You can reach me at ksbills21@gmail.com.

Wouldn’t you know it.  I simply cannot figure out how to upload a photo of a beautiful milkweed plant from my garden!

Thanks for dropping by.  Kathleen