Let the sunshine in–improve your mood!

Let sunshine in and brighten your mood at the same time!  These photos show how a little sunshine brightened my living room.




When I moved into my little place, I wanted to cut down the drafts and darken the room.

Now, I want a more open feeling in the living room and more sunlight.  The drafts have been taken care of with the use of strapping tape put on the outside of the windows.  I also inserted bubble wrap on the inside of the windows and secured it again with strapping tape.  The mini blinds offer another layer of insulation and provide filtered light.  Finally, I added sheer curtains.  They add soft color and texture to the windows.

This wall faces due east and the morning sun really heats up the room!  Fortunately, the heat dissipates as the sun rises.  Cross ventilation occurs because I keep the kitchen and other living room windows open.  One of the cheap tricks to keeping a room cool in Florida is to use fans.  Having the ceiling fans (turned on the lowest speed) in both the kitchen and living room and small fans going keeps the air moving.

Last month my electric bill was $40.05.

I also have a small 6,000 BTU Sharp window air conditioner installed on the outside kitchen wall.  It is used on those hottest days and often in the afternoon.  The main purpose of turning it on in the afternoon is so it can cool down the kitchen and living room.

Watch Your Language!

Don’t say:  “I need to go to the store.”

Do say:  “I want to go to the store.”

The word need implys that you are “needy” and have no power.

The word want implys that you do have “power” and choices.

Practice switching out the word “need” for “want”.  You will automatically begin to feel better about yourself.  Life is full of choices.  You will be amazed how many times you can operate away from a wimpy position to one of power!  Start talking to yourself to get the hang of it.  That way you can quickly make the switch with none the wiser, but you!

For years, I have used aluminum http://amzn.to/2uueaQy ice trays.  You know those silver things that came with your mother’s new refrigerator?  So many of us thought the “new” plastic ice trays that came with our new refrigerators were the best.  Wrong.  I found my antique trays in a small antique store in Nebraska.  They produce large, solid, blocks of ice.  In the south, ice tea is often the beverage of choice.  I always have some spearmint in pots near the front door, so I can easily pinch off a sprig.  With a quick crunching of the mint, the fragrance permeates the kitchen.  That”s when I drop the sprig into a glass, filled with those cold ice cubes, pour in some freshly made sun tea and I am good to go!  Try it!  You will like it!

Thanks for dropping by.   Kathleen