I now Have an Email Service

Now that I have an email service, I don’t know what to expect.  My goal is for you to have a way to sign up and automatically receive postings from me.  We shall see.  At least the service is free for 30 days and is US based.

Let’s talk about something that is fun and cheerful.  Okay.  Yours truly took her first photos with her new iPhone 5s that she bought from ReTech.  I don’t know how to access them yet or how to include a snapshot in this page, but that’s coming!  All I have to do is talk to Nancy and get her to walk me through it.  That should be interesting.  I know without asking that all the pics went to the cloud.  At least we have partly sunny skies this afternoon, so I feel sure that I can nab one photo with grace and ease.  You believe that don’t you?

As beneficial as high tech can be, there is a learning curve.  Those of you out there that find using tablets, PCs, smartphones and the like easily are truly blessed.  Just ask the last person you gladly helped.  It is an ego booster, to be sure, and the person you helped is ever so grateful.  Just ask them!

Thanks for dropping by.   Kathleen