Forget Your Winter Blahs and Enjoy This Lovely Orchid

Dosen’t this photo of breathtaking orchids make you forget your winter blahs?  I was overjoyed when my sister, Carolyn, sent me this picture. To be able to create such natural beauty is a true gift!

The orchids I grew in Florida were nestled on tree branches.  I loved the one I had with white petals edged with deep purple.

Today, you can often find great orchids at your grocery store or home stores such as HomeDepo, Lowe’s.  You can bet a good florist will have them too.

Take a close look at the orchids above.  Note the fairly small clay pot with stones rather than soil as the potting medium.  The plant is growing on a small, east facing patio—in Key West.

You don’t have to grow yours in the sunny Keyes.  Give one a try where you have bright, indirect light and plenty of humidity.  Create humidity by misting your orchid with a small mister.  Remember—don’t baby your new baby!

Please drop me a line and include a photo of your orchid, so I can share it on an upcoming post.  I know everyone will be glad you did!

Ways to chase the blahs away:

  • Enjoy a hot cup of tea.
  • Curl up with a good book under a throw on the couch.
  • Sleep in When it’s snowing and cold outside.

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