Courtesy And Kindness Never Go Out Of Style

Take a moment to be courteous:

  • It only takes a second to put someone else first.
  • It makes the giver and the receiver both feel good.
  • It makes the world a better place.

Take a moment to be kind:

  • It could save someone’s life.
  • The receiver of your kindness will never forget you.
  • It is contagious—spreads like wildfire—is good for everyone!

This little bird wishes you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

So many of us are facing all kinds of challenges, as we enter the Holiday Season.  That’s why every little kind act you do—helps someone else!

Your caring and kind ways may show up when you help a student study for an upcoming test.  Or perhaps when you get that glass of water a Senior has asked for.

We all need support in various ways throughout the day.  When you show up, that is when the quality of life improves.

Let your gift this Thanksgiving be your courtesy and kindness!

Thanks for dropping by.      Kathleen