Book it baby, book it baby right down to your favorite book store!

Book it right down to your favorite book store, whether it be at the mall, online or your local library.  Summer is here and there are great books for you to discover for your enjoyment.

You, like me, have probably been outside digging in your latest garden bed creation.

Cottage gardens often combine flowers and vegetables in their colorful array.  The other day, I was introduced to a book, Foodscape Revolution, by Brie Arthur.  She uses a process called edging, where you plant grains, vegetables and flowers all along side each other, at the EDGE of your beds. Great idea!  It sure saves time, space and money.  I ordered my copy at, where by using my RedCard, I got a discount, plus free shipping.

Another book I want to share with you is, 100 Plants to Feed The Bees, by the Xerces Society.  This book is well designed, with great plant photos, a map showing where each plant grows in the United States, and also provides both the Latin and common names for each plant.  You can check their website or call them at 800-793-9396.  They will provide you with membership information and have a knowledgeable staff that will gladly answer your questions about bees, butterflies and the 100 plants it their book.

A couple of days ago, while checking out the flower beds, I came across the miniature rose above.  Clipped it I did and put it into one of my mini vases.  As you can see, it is now graces my kitchen table.  What an easy, colorful and fragrant reminder of nature’s beauty.  You may want to keep an eye out at your nearby thrift store or yard sale for tiny vases.  They are perfect for that one bloom you cannot resist bringing inside.

Please pass along that cutting or plant to me!  Pass alongs are such a nice way of sharing your bounty and introducing a friend or neighbor to plant they may not have.  Often, I take cuttings of plants that are escaping their planters.  This morning, I was busy replanting several verbenas and lime green coleus cuttings and tucked them in here and there.  If they live, then I will have a new look to several pots.  If they die, I will just pull them out and add them to the compost pile.  That way they complete the circle of life.

Tip for today:  It is better to give than to receive.  No matter if it is a plant or a slice of cake.

Thanks for dropping by.    Kathleen