How Do Bees Make Honey?

How do bees make honey?

HGTV does a fine job explaining A Basic Hive Setup

I do not raise bees, but have an interest in them.

Many people have bee hives.  I salute you!  Chances are you or a friend want to start a hive.  I have known a few folks that raise bees for their orchards or manage hives owned by others.

Today may be the right time for you to start gathering information about how to set up a hive and learn the costs involved.  With the holidays on the horizon, start your wish list for items needed for your new venture!

Contact your local County Extension Agency to find beekeepers in your area.  You will not only find honey close to home, but someone who can fill you in on becoming a beekeeper.  Then, you will learn first hand how bees make honey!

The Keeper of the Bees, by Gene Stratton-Porter is what perked my interest in bees several years ago.  This book starts out a little slow, but as you read, you may fall in love with the characters and California like I did!

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