A Smile is Happiness!


A  smile is happiness you will find right under your nose. 

— Tom Wilson


Have you ever noticed that when you smile at someone–they smile right back?  What an easy way to improve your day!  I don’t mean that you should smile all day long until your face hurts.  When you smile, it has been said that you use over a hundred facial muscles.  When you frown, that number drops way down.  Remember the last time you and others laughed until your side ached?  I do!  Laughter is what keeps the blues and the doctor away.  But then, it never hurts to enjoy a juicy apple daily either.


I finally was able to upload the milkweed photo that I tried to insert last week.  Don’t ask me how I did it.  Perhaps some day soon, I will figure out all the ins and outs of producing a top flight post.  Time will tell.  Just hang in there with me!


The past few days, I have been busy sprucing things up around the home place.  A couple of walls in the kitchen have received their second coat of light blue paint, used the a/c since a friend was so nice to check it out and have begun to clean out the small shed on the patio.  I guess I have a serious case of spring cleaning.  How about you?  Spring has sprung just about all over the US, so it is definitely time to hustle on those inside and outside “jobs”.


Monarch caterpiller

No, the above photo isn’t upside down.  The Monarch caterpillar is just grabbing a bite from the underside of the leaf on the milkweed plant.  Take a close look at the blossom.  It is pink unlike my yellow plants.  Now, is the time to check for milkweed plants at your local nursery.  Ask for milkweed plants specifically and the sales person will show you theirs.  Do not let them just point you in the right direction!  Ask them to walk with you over to the plants–that way you and they both know what you are looking at. Both HomeDepot and Lowe’s carry milkweed plants.  What I don’t know is when their stock will arrive in your area.  If they don’t have any, ask them kindly to order some.  Then, call them repeatedly to ensure they ordered them for you.  Finally, go buy some!  Give one to another plant lover, because that way you know they will grow and thrive.  Once the caterpillars appear, start knocking on your neighbors doors and take them to your house for a quick show and tell.  You will be amazed how glad they were that you went to the trouble to invite them over.


Be gentle with yourself today.

Don’t hurry too much or laugh too little.

Be patient with yourself.

Don’t expect to be perfect.  

Be good to yourself.  

Be happy with yourself.

Be a friend to yourself today.

  (by Hallmark)

Thanks for dropping by the home place.     Kathleen