25 Easy Ways to Improve Your Life

25 Easy Ways To Improve Your Life

  1. Turn off the TV.
  2. Cancel the cable service.
  3. Turn off the cell phone during meals.
  4. Eat meals together.
  5. Share events of the day during meals.
  6. Install a clothesline.
  7. Set up an outdoor dining area.
  8. Use organic garden products.
  9. Plant a garden.
  10. Weed the garden.
  11. Teach children about plants and gardening.
  12. Learn about gardening yourself.
  13. Start an emergency fund.
  14. Discontinue unwanted magazine subscriptions.
  15. Write “remove from mailing list” on front of junk mail and return it.
  16. Make a SHORT to do list.
  17. Make your bed every day.
  18. Wash the dishes before going to bed.
  19. Switch to LED light bulbs; indoors and out.
  20. Turn off the light when you leave the room.
  21. Shop at thrift stores.
  22. Donate to thrift stores.
  23. Count your blessings.
  24. Pray.
  25. You fill in the last one!

You may have completed many items on the list.  It’s okay to start your own new list.  Grab a pen and paper and start jotting things as they come to mind.

Is time let go of things you don’t want or still have a use for?

I sold my Smart TV.

Because I use my iPad to watch PBS, news channels, weather stations, and many  websites, I realized I simply did not need or want a TV.

That one change saved me a lot of money, plus it simplified my life!


The message is clear.  Enjoy life and don’t take things too seriously!

Make a list of things you have to be thankful for!

When you do, you will begin to lose the blahs and realize that your life isn’t so bad after all.  No matter what your circumstances!

Aloe plant coming into bloom

I was sitting on the garden swing one afternoon and saw a small blur on the orange blossoms of this aloe.  I looked closer and realized that it was a green hummingbird!  It whizzed around, going from blossom to blossom  and then flew out of sight.  Much to my surprise, it returned!

Aloes are interesting plants.  I believe there are over 500 varieties.  I usually keep a leaf in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for quick home remedies http://www.top10homeremedies.com/kitchen-ingredients/10-health-benefits-of-aloe-vera.html.  It is my go to for bug bites or scratches.  Have you ever used it

Take time to slow down and enjoy life.

Taking time to NOT hurry has benefits.  Before TVs and radios, folks sat out on the front porch or at the dinner table and talked.  It may not have been the most exciting conversation, but it kept families connected.

When was the last time you prepared and enjoyed a home cooked meal?

Making a sandwich and ice tea is a great way to start.  Just remember not to eat in front of the TV!  Get rid of those TV tables, if you haven’t already.

Handy Tool

Where do you do most of your bill paying, letter writing, using your computer, or talking on the phone?  My favorite spot is the living room couch.  My latest tool to make doing these tasks easier was the purchase of a clip board http://amzn.to/2f90khc.  I have it on the floor, leaning against the coffee table, right by my feet.  It is a snap to grab it.  I cannot think why I never used one before!

A bad attitude is like a flat tire.  You can’t go anywhere until you change it.


Let me hear from you about changes you have made to improve the quality of your life.  I will be glad to share them with other readers.

Thanks for dropping by.    Kathleen