Because we were expecting rain today, I decided not to hang up my two bird feeders.  By late afternoon, the rains and high winds made the trees in the yard sway this way and that.  Tomorrow, we are expecting blue skies, sunshine and warmer temperatures.  You can bet the feeders will be rehung.

In one of my earlier posts, I related how much I liked Birds and Blooms magazine.  This is my first attempt to insert their link to their website.  Click http://birdsandblooms go directly to one of my favorite magazines.  Oops!  I need to relearn inserting links.

Now, I am beginning to feel more comfortable about my home place and hope that you are too.

Here are some of my immediate goals:

— Create a mailing list, so that readers can stay informed about what is new.

— Figure out how to generate revenue from my blog.

As you can see, we are traveling this adventurous road together.  Thanks for dropping by!