2-15-2017 It’s warm in sunny Florida today.

You may want to go to http://birdsandblooms.com and check out their latest issue.  I have found this magazine a pure delight for a novice birder such as myself, because the photos of the birds are terrific.  I also love to garden and the many lovely gardens they display make me want to run outside and start digging a new flower bed.  Now, if you live in New England, you may want to hold that thought until the latest nor’easter blows over.

My Home Place is a new blog, so as you read along, you may see some glitches.  That’s how we learn–by our mistakes.  Right?  You have no idea how hard it was for me to learn how to insert a simple link, like the one for Birds and Blooms above.  A couple of things I want to accomplish are creating an email list and have this site generate some cold cash.  It may take awhile to put them in place, because my blog skills are so limited.

Thanks for dropping by!    Kathleen