Get rid of pesky calls on your iPhone!

Start the New Year off right by getting rid of pesky calls on your iPhone:

To block incoming calls:

  • Go to recents.
  • Look to the right of the telephone number.
  • Tap the blue circle with the letter i in the center.
  • Scroll to very bottom of screen.
  • Tap block this caller.

In the future, when the person with this number calls you, they will hear the phone ring.  They can leave a message if they like.

You will not be bothered by hearing their incoming call nor will you ever have to listen to their message.

You can remove the block on their phone number should you choose to.

Take time to identify which calls you truly want to block.  This is a simple way to regain control of your life.  Give it a try and see for yourself.

Turn off your phone during meals.

This is another easy way to avoid unwanted calls during family time.

Turn off the TV during meals.

You know how hard it is to hear the person taking to you when the television is blaring in the background.  Mealtime is family time, no matter how small.  Many of us endure long commutes to and from work and may be pretty tired by the time we walk in the door.

It is important to create a safe harbor in our lives.  Our homes are supposed to be our safe harbor.  It is up to us to create that space.

The above quote sure is true!  How many little bills or daily expenses do you have that rob you of cash for your emergency fund?

How do you get your money under control?

  • Pay yourself first.

You pay yourself first by setting up a savings account with automatic deposits from each of your electronically deposited pay checks.

  • Open a checking and savings account at a CREDIT UNION.
  • Open a 401k plan at work.  Check if your company will match you.
  • Buy company stock with employee purchase plan.
  • Start small—start saving some of your pay check today!

I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.

— Martha Washington —

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Jumpstart your day — every day!

Jumpstart your day — every day!

We often think we should wait to start a resolution.  Think again.  EVERY day is a new day.  That means it’s okay to start any new habit.

  • Get up 15 minutes earlier, for time for yourself.
  • Make up the bed as soon you get up.
  • Have breakfast.
  • Start an emergency fund.
  • Start a Vacation Account at your bank.

Create order out of chaos in your daily life.  You know something you have been itching to do for years and haven’t done it yet.  Now is the time.

Okay.  You have your game plan in place.  Remember, there will be days when you just don’t want to make the effort to follow through with your new habit.  Bite the bullet and get your bed made anyway.

Successful people keep at it.  Day in and day out.  That is why they are successful!  That can be you.

You can reply to this post or write to me directly at  I would love ❤️ to hear from you!


I snapped this shot of the Amaryllis I had put in a glass of water because it had grown so tall.   It was about to fall over, pot and all.

Fresh flowers on the table always make the meal!

Catfish Johnnies — great seafood — country music too!

Those of you that are either heading to central Florida this winter, or are already there, don’t miss a mouth watering meal at Catfish Johnny’s.

The restaurant is located a little off the beaten path in Lake Panasoffkee, FL.  Give them a call at 352-793-2083.  They will advise you to come early for their 12:00 pm seating.


The great gift of human beings is that’s have the power of empathy.

— Meryl Streep —

Book Nook:

The Outermost House, by Henry Beston is for those that love the ocean and Cape Cod.  Fortunately for me, I saw the Outermost House before it was washed out to sea during the Blizzard of 1978.

Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh is about taking time out for reflection.   I actually moved to Ft. Meyers, FL because I was so taken with this book.

Most of us live very hectic lives and rarely follow our dreams.  Take the leap and live your dreams.  It will be worth it!

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On Your Mark. Ready, Set, WRITE — a Joy Journal

Record your moments of JOY!

Joy Journals have been around awhile.  That doesn’t mean you cannot write one.  The nice thing about these journals is they are easy and fun.

They are designed to prompt you to find life’s joys all around you.  Remember, keep your notes short and sweet.


  • Small notebook
  • Pen or pencil


  • Enjoying cloud, sun or moon scapes
  • At home, work or out and about
  • Alone or with family or friends

What to write:

  • Goofy smile or action that brings you joy
  • Beautiful site that makes you feel good
  • Kindness shown to you or someone near by

Purpose of journal:

  • To capture small things in life — that are gone in a flash
  • To channel negative thoughts into positive thoughts
  • To experience JOY real time

You don’t need to look at the world through rose colored glasses.  You do want to start making a conscious choice to look for goodness all around you.


Someone around you has just verbally offended you.

Don’t:  Come back with a snide remark or swear.

Do:  Shut your mouth or … reply, “You are probably right.”

Why?  Because people love to be right.  That will shut them up!


When you let a negative thought in—let it go right out of your head.  That includes your desire to complain.  Good luck!

No New Year’s Resolution Required:

  • Look at the glass half full — anywhere, anytime.
  • Keep your changes to yourself — just do it.
  • No one’s permission needed.
  • Make small or large changes for more positive thinking.

The antique dinner plate above was placed right over the kitchen sink, so I could often see something that makes me feel good each time I look at it.

The joy, I feel when looking at it, makes doing the dishes go better.

In my tiny kitchen, a small dining table flanked by two chairs, nestled beneath short windows are made cozy with the addition of gently fluttering cafe curtains, made of antique, Irish linen dinner napkins.

The walls have been painted, Heavenly Blue, (satin finish) by Benjamin Moore.

My kitchen is a favorite spot to share a hot pot of tea with a friend.

Deferred gratification puts money in your piggy bank:

Every time you choose to delay a purchase —  you save money!  Start choosing whether you really want that cuppa at your local Star Bucks or whether you would like to save your cash.

Delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller, but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.

— Unknown —

Book Nook:

Please note that I have not read either of the books listed.

Delayed Gratification
by Rick Katz.  Paperback edition.

Delay Gratification, by Jessie McAna

Note:  My tech support, Alex, told me that my links were not right.  He sent me an email with a command statement that I did not understand.  My guess is that he thinks I know how to write WordPress Code.  Nope.  Please accept my apologies.  Thank you.

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Glad Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Christmas 2017 is nearly upon us.

I wish you Glad Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

Through my blog, we are all joined together near and far—one country to another.  You, my subscribers have given me joy all year, as you subscribe and offer your support!

Hand stitched Christmas wall hanging.

Merry Christmas and best wishes in 2018!

Thanks for dropping by.    Kathleen 

Forget Your Winter Blahs and Enjoy This Lovely Orchid

Dosen’t this photo of breathtaking orchids make you forget your winter blahs?  I was overjoyed when my sister, Carolyn, sent me this picture. To be able to create such natural beauty is a true gift!

The orchids I grew in Florida were nestled on tree branches.  I loved the one I had with white petals edged with deep purple.

Today, you can often find great orchids at your grocery store or home stores such as HomeDepo, Lowe’s.  You can bet a good florist will have them too.

Take a close look at the orchids above.  Note the fairly small clay pot with stones rather than soil as the potting medium.  The plant is growing on a small, east facing patio—in Key West.

You don’t have to grow yours in the sunny Keyes.  Give one a try where you have bright, indirect light and plenty of humidity.  Create humidity by misting your orchid with a small mister.  Remember—don’t baby your new baby!

Please drop me a line and include a photo of your orchid, so I can share it on an upcoming post.  I know everyone will be glad you did!

Ways to chase the blahs away:

  • Enjoy a hot cup of tea.
  • Curl up with a good book under a throw on the couch.
  • Sleep in When it’s snowing and cold outside.

I have been enjoying Harney and Sons tea for years. Use Code HOLIDAY17 For 20%  Also check for free shipping!


The purpose of life is to discover your gift.  

The work of life is to develop it.  

The meaning of life is to give your life away.

— David Visconti —


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Enjoy Garden Catalogs 💚 Online or Hardcopy

It’s NOT too early to dream about next spring’s gardens:

Enjoy these catalogs either online or hardcopy.  The 2018 catalogs are NOT out yet.  That doesn’t mean that you cannot subscribe to your favorites, so they will arrive in your inbox or mail .

My catalog/website favorites:

  • Bluestone Perennials
  • High Country Gardens
  • Seed Savers Exchange
  • Schreiner’s Iris Gardens
  • Thompson and Morgan

Websites new to me:

  • Tropical Plants and More
  • The Silent Seed
  • Old House Gardens

Dream big, enjoy and have FUN!

At this time of year we often get wrapped up in the hectic moment.  We tend to over commit, over plan and over indulge.  Right?

One way to unwind is to enjoy the pleasures of reading about gardening.

It doesn’t matter whether the topic is plants, outerwear, tools, or composting.  Just thinking about plants can be relaxing.  You recall their fragrance, color, or those who shared them with you.

Today’s Challenge:


No cheating.  No lunch money for the kids.  No morning coffee.  Etc.

Baker’s Delight:

Banana Bread (Adapted from

  • 3 very ripe large bananas
  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour

In a large bowl, mash bananas, stir in melted butter.  Mix in baking soda and salt.  Stir in sugar, egg, vanilla.  Mix in flour.

Pour into 9” x 5” bread pan.  Bake 50 – 1 hour at 350 degrees.

I like to:

  • After gathering ingredients,  butter the pan.
  • Turn on oven, for correct temperature when you insert pan.
  • Hand mix all ingredients.
  • Use organic eggs.
  • Use organic Florida Crystals raw cane sugar.
  • Use unsalted butter.
  • No peeking while bread is baking!

The secret baking ingredient is always ❤️

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Remove Outdated Email Addresses on iPhone or iPad

Remove outdated email addresses on iPhone or iPad:

  • Press the home button.
  • Tap the Sari mail button.
  • Tap (to compose new email) icon in upper right corner of screen.
  • Only type the letter a.  All the addresses beginning with appear.
  • Tap addresses with a blue circle with i inside to remove.
  • Swipe all the way to the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap remove.  Whoosh.  That outdated email address is gone!

Continue through the alphabet and clean out all your old unused email addresses.  I had so many that it took me a couple of days to complete the process.

Every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space,

so clearing clutter transforms your entire existence.

— Karen Kingston —

Recently, I visited Happy Hearts Specialty Foods i in North Platte, NE for the first time.  While standing near the front counter, a gentleman plunked down a pint jar of raw and unfiltered honey on the counter with a thud.  Then, he directed me to a back corner, where I could pick up a jar for myself.

The price for the honey was $9.49.  The name on the plain white label read “SNELL CANYON HONEY”, Mike and Eunice Penny, 17224 W Pawnee, Brady, NE 69123-2931 308-584-3292.

This is an example of a cottage industry at it’s best!

Book Nook:

I think you are going to love ❤️ The Noticer , by Andy Andrews.  Jones may be the noticer, but I can guarantee you will be stopped in your tracks the moment you read the first page!

Check out other books by Andy Andrews or your favorite author through the Amazon link above.  If you are like me, you may be there for hours.

I can well remember reading a book on George Washington Carver from the school library, when I was in the third grade.  I think a young person in your life may enjoy reading A Weed Is a Flower, by Aliki.

Thanks for dropping by.   Kathleen 

Courtesy And Kindness Never Go Out Of Style

Take a moment to be courteous:

  • It only takes a second to put someone else first.
  • It makes the giver and the receiver both feel good.
  • It makes the world a better place.

Take a moment to be kind:

  • It could save someone’s life.
  • The receiver of your kindness will never forget you.
  • It is contagious—spreads like wildfire—is good for everyone!

This little bird wishes you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

So many of us are facing all kinds of challenges, as we enter the Holiday Season.  That’s why every little kind act you do—helps someone else!

Your caring and kind ways may show up when you help a student study for an upcoming test.  Or perhaps when you get that glass of water a Senior has asked for.

We all need support in various ways throughout the day.  When you show up, that is when the quality of life improves.

Let your gift this Thanksgiving be your courtesy and kindness!

Thanks for dropping by.      Kathleen 

Plant a Tree–in Memory of a Loved One

Add beauty by planting a tree:

  • In memory of a loved one
  • In your yard
  • In your home
  • In an abandoned lot

Planting a tree can be an uplifting experience, plus it beautifies and helps the environment.

With the holiday season fast approaching, why not consider giving a live plant or tree?

For those who lost a tree by Hurricane Irma, may welcome receiving a dwarf citrus tree as a gift. The Arbor Day Foundation provides a great way to donate a tree!

Over the years, I have donated trees, bees and small animals to help those less fortunate through

How to not break the bank with gift giving:

  • Set a total amount you want to spend for ALL your gifts.
  • Shop at thrift stores for gifts.
  • Pass along family heirlooms.
  • Choose NOT to attend all holiday parties.

How to remember gratitude EVERY day:

  • Say the blessing either silent or aloud at meals.
  • Give thanks for your MANY blessings as they arise.
  • That we live in a FREE country!
  • All the large and small challenges you have over come.
  • The EMERGENCY fund you add to daily.

Book Nook:

The Grateful Life; The Secret to Happiness and the Science of Contentment by Nina Lesowitz is a good starting point for those who want to stop being totally self centered.

The Art of Creative Living: Making Every Day a Radiant Masterpiece by Thomas Kinkade is truly one of my favorite go to books.  He does a great job tying together improving your life with words and his art.  There was only one copy left when I checked!

The wonderful thing about books is that they take you away and then bring you back home–with another view of life.  They are affordable, come in many formats and you can take them anywhere!

Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt 

Thanks for dropping by.       Kathleen 

When you feel frustrated–Take a quick walk

When you feel frustrated–Take a quick walk:

Studies have shown that taking even a short walk helps you relax.

  • When at work, try walking down the nearest long hall.
  • Walk during your lunch break.
  • Walk either before or after work.
  • Walk to work, store, library or to visit a friend.

What can you do if a walk isn’t possible?

  • Try smiling.
  • Try standing up and stretching.
  • Try rolling your shoulders.
  • Try letting go of negative thoughts.

Take a good look at what is upsetting you:

  • Are you in a job that compliments your personality?
  • Are you forced to take a long commute to work?
  • Are you working around loud noises?
  • Are you working from home and feeling isolated?

When you are healthy–you feel better:

  • Did you get a good night’s sleep last night?
  • Did you work a night shift when you want to work days?
  • Did you eat a balanced diet yesterday or today?
  • Did you take time to find some quiet time just for you?

Stress robs you like a thief:

  • Growing plants helps restore you.
  • Being around plants helps relax you.
  • Ever notice how much better you feel in a building with plants?


Growing house plants are a great stress reliever:

The above geranium was given to me by a neighbor shortly after I moved to Nebraska, in early September.  Fortunately for me, Colleen removed them from the outdoor planter in her yard and gave them to me.

Now, my apartment has a healthy plant to brighten the living room.

You may want to beautify your living space with live plants.  Plants help clean the air, add greenery and respond to positive energy.

What you get by achieving your goals
is not as important 
as what you become

by achieving your goals.

– Henry David Thoreau –

Book Nook:

I’ll Pass for Your Comrade by Anita Silvey is a light read and very enlightening.  It by passes all the gore and tells how some women fought for both sides.

There is nothing better than curling up and reading a good book!

Thanks for dropping by.    Kathleen